A Powerful design tool with a familiar interface

The PADS4 Designer application is a powerful design tool that allows you to compose presentations with a wide range of possible content elements.

PowerPoint presentations, the very latest Macromedia Flash content, live TV, ticker tapes linked to RSS feeds and web pages are just a small selection of the large amount of content that PADS supports. If your desired element turns out to be missing you can even add it yourself as an Add-on.

The licensing of PADS4 Designer works on a single concurrent user per license basis. Additional Designer license(s) can be purchased at a later date should you wish to expand the number of concurrent users responsible for Designing your presentation content.

Unrivalled database connectivity

With the built-in database connectivity features you can easily link real-time data from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Exchange, your own CMS or virtually any other database to your presentation. Through dynamic rules, you can determine exactly what content must be shown on what conditions.

The PADS Content Library with automatic synchronization ensures that all users share the same pictures, videos and any other content.

Data providers & Social Media

With new dedicated data providers for social media you can now simply include content from social media in your PADS presentation with just a couple of mouse clicks.

The following social media data providers have been added:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Youtube
  • Flickr
  • Picasa
  • Instagram

Real-time audience recognition and analytics

Intel AIM (Audience Impression Metric) allows retailers to optimise their in-store communication by providing objective, quantitative measurement and analysis of what consumers are doing in retail and other spaces—all in real-time and aggregated reporting.

Using anonymous sensors and highly sophisticated computer algorithms, AIM accurately counts the potential and actual audiences for visual messages and merchandising. Viewers are profiled by variables as broad as gender and age range, and as specific as viewing times and durations.

Dynamic Rich Text editor

Designing presentations in PADS4 Designer just got more impressive with the introduction of the enhanced Rich Text element. This feature-rich element comes with an advanced and dynamic Rich Text editor. Get creative, edit content in any desired format, or add rule-based content.

Full integration with the unequalled database connectivity features makes it even more powerful.

Interactive Presentations

Think of user engagement when designing your presentation - make elements interactive. Your audience will then be able to interact with these elements in your presentation through a touch screen interface or mouse and keyboard at a kiosk station. Ideal for when your intended use is for way-finding or advertising.

Live TV or IPTV

With the addition of a TV card you can show live TV content in your presentation. This can come from your choice of digital TV source such as FreeView or SKY TV. PADS4 also allows you to make use of IPTV technology by streaming TV feeds from a central location using third party products such as Exterity IPTV.

Showcase Statistics

Bring database information to life. Make use of dynamic tables, chart and graphs in your presentation. These elements can be connected to your own data feeds to show live up to the minute information in a visually appealing way. Ideal for displaying sales targets, stock levels or the status of support calls.

Media Capabilities

With PADS4 Designer you can work with a multitude of media formats in your presentation. From static images to flash files, WMV files and HD content. In PADS4 you can place your content files (pictures, videos, PADS presentations, etc.) in a central PADS Content Library. This content library will be shared among all users of a PADS system.

Web Integration

PADS Designer allows you to insert whole or part of web pages into your presentation. PADS uses Microsoft Internet Explorer technology for displaying web contents in its web page element. This require at least version 9.0 of the Microsoft Internet Explorer installed on both the PADS Designer PC as well as each PADS Viewer PC.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Interface

The new PADS Designer Interface is similar to PowerPoint allowing users to quickly start designing attractive presentations within minimal learning curves. Familiar functions such as transitions, reflections and thumbnail page view help you create a dynamic presentation with ease.

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