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Deliver engaging, high impact information from multiple data sources

A+K PADS4 Networked Digital Signage Solution

PADS4 enables you to design, schedule and distribute any type of multimedia content and have it displayed where and whenever you want. The unequalled database connectivity features of the system make it possible to integrate real-time data from any data source to create targeted, engaging presentations for your video wall. Even inexperienced users can create dynamic presentations using the simple, integrated design tool.

PADS can be utilised in a broad range of markets and applications, from communication and advertising in transportation and retail environments, to information display in mission critical applications. Whatever the end use, the PADS solution can be adapted to suit the most demanding signage requirements.

Key features:

  • Design to any resolution and aspect ratio
  • Centrally managed content
  • Multiple levels of user permissions
  • Scalable; add additional video walls to your PADS ecosystem quickly and with ease
  • Remotely monitor and manage your system

The key components of PADS4 Digital Signage

PADS Designer

PADS4 Designer is a powerful design tool that allows you to compose presentations with a wide range of possible content elements, including PowerPoint presentations, Macromedia Flash content, live TV, RSS feeds, and web pages. If your desired element turns out to be missing you can even add it yourself as an Add-on.

With the built-in database connectivity features you can easily link real-time data from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Exchange, your own CMS, or virtually any other database to your presentation. Through dynamic rules, you can determine exactly what content must be shown on what conditions.

PADS Viewer

PADS Viewer makes sure that scheduled content is played perfectly and at the right moment on a display. Choose the most suitable viewer type based on the type of content elements you would like to show.

As you expand the reach and/or complexity of content for your signage system you can simply purchase additional licenses without needing to change the underlying solution. You also don't need to be restricted by the types of content you can display in different locations; mix and match types of Viewer licenses within your one signage infrastructure.

PADS Scheduler

The Scheduler application is responsible for scheduling and sending your presentation(s) to the PC running the Viewer software. Depending on the complexity of scheduling you wish to carry out, you can have a presentation be sent to a Viewer to play at the display on an adhoc basis, during a fixed period of time, or recurring like weekly, daily or even every hour.

With PADS Scheduler you will always retain full control of your scheduled presentation. At any time you can adjust the schedule or content of your presentation, even if it is currently playing. Through role-based permissions, PADS Scheduler allows you to grant groups of users access to a subset of displays or a zone on the screen.

PADS Server

The PADS Server application is the backbone to your PADS4 signage, and ensures that your scheduled presentations end up with the right displays at the right time. If your presentations contain real-time data then PADS Server can collect this information for you from various data sources and make it available to the connected displays.

For large installations across multiple locations you can use local PADS Servers to further minimize the network load.

PADS Agent

PADS4 Agent is an extremely powerful tool to remotely monitor and manage your PADS4 ecosystem. Complete with built-in features for real-time performance and system control. You can check the status of viewer connections, retrieve screenshots of individual viewers and have a live status overview of your PADS system.

PADS4 Agent is enhanced with a unique black box feature, which allows you to log configuration and performance details. This gives maximum traceability for auditing purposes and technical support.

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