Your Signage, Your Brand

Digital signage is the public face of your organisation. Maintaining your corporate identity isn't just about adding
your logo to a standard one-size-fits-all template. A+K Digital Signage design services ensure that
your signage solution is designed to suit both your needs and your brand.

Designed Around You

Whether you require a design adhering to your corporate brand, or require a creative take for your solution A+K's design services can accommodate a wide variety of design criteria.

But it's not all about aesthetics. Our design service encompasses the design of native widget behaviour based on information from your database or even an external feed and presenting the result in a meaningful manner to the viewer.

Consume RSS Beautifully

RSS feeds are widespread, but consuming them doesn't have to be humdrum. Just take the real world examples above and you'll discover how simple RSS feeds can be turned into beautiful presentations. 

From news to weather, your own website blog to traffic reports, RSS is diverse and supported natively in PADS. So, all you have to do now is attract attention with an eye catching design.

Animation & Video Wow

Delivery of video feeds is natively available within PADS. Perhaps you'd like streaming BBC News as an integral aspect of your design. Or you require your own video footage.

Whether you require a simple animated logo, a full presentation, stock video or even custom video footage we'll incorporate your video requirements into the design of your digital signage solution to suit its location

Custom Widgets 

A+K PADS designer comes with a myriad of out-of-the-box functionality, but it can't cater for every scenario. When there aren't readily available solutions a custom widget will provide you with both the functional and design solution you require. 

Utilising cutting-edge web based technology, A+K are able to deliver a diverse and complex range of bespoke widgets capable of consuming and responding to external and internal data feeds in a manner standard solutions cannot provide. 

Use Case Design

Before your solution is implemented we'll provide you with use case scenario designs. So that you can be sure your solution will respond to your needs and will be built to the exacting standards of your brand.

Find Out More

If you require a digital signage solution with a bit of pizazz then you're in the right place. Why not call us today on 01638 510 900.