Transform any flat panel TV into a Wireless Digital Signage Display

Airgoo's MicroPlayer upgrades any flat panel TV to a wireless digital signage display at a fraction of the cost of a traditional Digital Signage solution. The Android-based HDMI MicroPlayer comes with an easy to use cloud based Content Management System (CMS) with most features expected of a video and fixed image digital signage solution. The device will also work with any other CMS via RSS Feed.

This centralised system is an ideal solution for multi-site locations, such as franchises and retail applications, where users need localised control.

Plug and Play

  • WiFi for indoor deployment
  • Designed for Digital Signage
  • Very low cost of ownership
  • Easy setup, ready to go
  • No installation required
  • Play various type of picture and video formats

If you have purchased an Airgoo and have login credential then click on the link below to manage your Microplayer through the web CMS.

        A+K Airgoo is available to purchase from A+K Distribution Ecommerce. Click here to buy.

Tailor messages quickly and seamlessly using this web-based CMS

Complementing the simplicity of the A+K Airgoo MicroPlayer is the secure, cloud-based Content Management System (CMS) that makes it easy for users to add, manage, organise and upload content. The displays are organised in Groups, so users can easily link multimedia content. This content is scheduled by Playlists so users can assign schedules to each Group.

Functionalities of the CMS:

  • Register MicroPlayer(s)
  • Organise MicroPlayer(s) into Groups (by product, location, etc.)
  • Upload and organise photos or videos in content Playlists
  • Link groups to specific content Playlists
    (Note: All devices within a group will show the same content wherever they are located)
  • Link a Group to a new content Playlist when the displayed information needs to be changed
  • Schedule certain content to appear at certain times of the day

Once a link between a Group of displays or MicroPlayers and a content Playlist is established, the content is downloaded into the internal memory of the MicroPlayer (max size 4GB). Once downloaded, the new content is displayed on the screen.

(Note: The change should take place between 30 seconds and 2 minutes depending on the speed of the network.)

The Functional Elements of the CMS

My displays:

Lists all the Displays and MicroPlayers and shows Online/Offline status. Enables the registration of new displays.

My groups:

Displays or MicroPlayers must be organised into groups. All displays in the same Group will show the same information (album). Even if a user has only one display, a Group must be created for that display. The content of the album can then be linked to that Group.

My Playlists:

Create playlists then upload photos (JPEG) and videos (MPEG4) in those Playlists.

Settings tab:

Select time zone and language.

(Note: Navigate directly between Tabs by clicking on the tab name)

Scheduling your Playlist

The Scheduler is an important feature of the CMS that allows users to schedule different content Playlists at different times of the day and for each day of the week. Programming the daily Scheduler is achieved through the Group interface where users can define the start and end times of a Playlist by means of a sliding scale.

Program the Scheduler:

  • Click “Playlists” to open the “Albums settings” window for a particular Group
  • In the “Album settings” window tick “Scheduled” and click “Set”
  • When the scheduler opens, click on the downward arrow to select a playlist and click “Add”
  • Use the sliding scale to select the start and stop time of a given Playlist with a precision of 1/2h

If you have purchased an Airgoo and have login credential then click on the link below to manage your MicroPlayer through the web CMS.

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For details call 01638 510900

  • Android 4.4 Kit Kat
  • Powerful 2GHz ARM CPU
  • 4GB Built-in memory
  • Micro SD extension slot 
  • Dimensions :110mm x110mm x 23mm

User Guides

Please note these documents are currently being updated.