Modular Digital Signage Software

Corporate Communication

Control digital signage communication across the whole corporate environment. Guide visitors, streamline schedules and optomise meeting room useage and more. Keep employees and visitors informed with targeted information.


Use Digital Signage at Airports with PADS4. Connect to 70+ data sources - advertisements, social media, new IPTV and more. Plus show real-time data such as the weather, news gate changes etc.  Insert rows automatically for code-shared flights on departure screens.


Guest management simplified with wayfinding, scheduling and asset management. Connect PADS4 to reservations, booking systems, fleet management and more. Upload guest branding and real time updates to select the room occupancy.

Public Transport

With PADS4 streamline passenger flow through terminals and stations seamlessly. The software can connect to major databases to share arrivals / departures, real-time wayfinding and emergency messages.


Promote products and adverts across shops and public areas. A+K recommend a choice of touch screens available for in or outdoor use in a range of sizes. Target your audience with product availability, weather and the date and time.


Use displays to link with your product and planning systems. Show / create live data overviews and more. Alert employees when machinery is inactive and share processes and safety information.

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