Remotely manage and monitor your PADS4 system

PADS4 Agent is an extremely powerful tool to remotely monitor and manage your PADS4 eco-system. In this application all relevant functions have been bundled to monitor and manage the PADS Server and PADS Viewers of your system.

The PADS4 Agent has many built-in features for real-time performance and system control. You can check the status of viewer connections, retrieve screenshots of individual viewers and have a live status overview of your PADS system. The PADS4 Agent offers fully automated software version control, ensuring you always run the latest software while significantly reducing your total cost of ownership

Maximum Traceability            

PADS4 Agent is enhanced with a unique black box feature, which allows you to log configuration and performance details. This gives maximum traceability for auditing purposes and technical support.

With PADS4 Agent you can retrieve valuable information about each part of your PADS system including system information, versions, log files, program settings and even live screen shots. In case of (network) failures you can be automatically notified by e-mail or SMS. Beside this, you can remotely execute or schedule important tasks like the installation of new software updates or a reboot of a PC.

All together PADS Agent saves system administrators valuable time in the provision of maintenance and support.