A powerful tool for targeted desktop communication

With PADS Messenger and PADS Desktop Viewer you can extend your digital signage installation to the Windows Desktop PCs, laptops and tablets of your employees. Just use the same content as your public displays and schedule it as a message for targeted desktop communication. Your message will automatically be distributed and can be viewed, even when your company includes multiple locations and thousands of people.

People can be informed passively through the PADS screen saver or actively by sending desktop alerts that will automatically popup. By requesting a read receipt you automatically get detailed feedback about who has seen your message.

PADS Messenger

Schedule targeted messages to Desktop Viewer

With PADS Messenger you have a powerful communication tool to push your messages to people's display across your entire organisation.

The same content that you have scheduled for your public displays can be scheduled as a message for targeted communication to your employees. When you schedule a presentation as a message it will automatically be delivered to the inbox of the Desktop Viewer, from where the user can view it.

Urgent messages can be forced to automatically popup as an alert. You can exactly specify for how long the message should stay on the screen.

If you have requested a read receipt, the PADS Messenger application provides you with an overview of who, where and when your message has been confirmed.

Scheduled content can be updated, rescheduled or remotely removed from people's inboxes.

Key Features:

  • Easy scheduling of targeted messages
  • Delivery to people's inbox
  • Immediate communication via desktop alerts
  • Confirmation via read receipts
  • Full control of internal messages

PADS Desktop Viewer

Receive and playback messages on PC, laptop or tablet

Whether it's about your electronic newsletter, real-time news feeds from the Internet or personal instructions, with PADS Desktop Viewer you can simply inform your employees as a group or individually.

With PADS Desktop Viewer you can receive and playback presentations on the PC, laptop or tablet of your employee: on request or automatically as screen saver. In addition, the powerful features give the possibility to have important messages appear instantly on the screen.

If the sender has requested a read receipt for the delivered message, the user is automatically asked for sending a confirmation.

Key Features:

  • Playback of scheduled presentations via screen saver
  • Manually viewing delivered messages
  • Automatic popup of desktop alerts
  • Sending back read receipts