You decide where and when your presentations are shown

In your PADS4 system the Scheduler application is responsible for scheduling and sending your presentation(s) to the PC running the Viewer software at the individual display or group of displays that make up your signage environment.

Depending on the complexity of scheduling you wish to carry out you can have a presentation be sent to a Viewer to play at the display on an adhoc basis, during a fixed period of time or recurring like weekly, daily or even every hour.

Retain full control of your presentation schedules

With PADS Scheduler you will always retain full control of your scheduled presentation. At any time you can adjust the schedule or content of your presentation within a few seconds, even if it is currently playing.

Through role-based permissions PADS Scheduler allows you to grant groups of users access to a subset of displays or a zone on the screen. As main user you will always stay in full control

Role Based Access

Through admin rights you can manage who has authority to control the scheduling of presentations to groups of Viewers. For example you may want to allocate partial of full responsibility for certain users to schedule presentation to Viewers in your back office but not to Viewers in customer facing areas.

Step by Step Wizards

PADS4 step by step Wizards helps you to perform scheduling tasks with ease. Whether it be a simple task such as setting a presentation to run every Monday at 1pm, or seemingly more complex tasks that are dependant on pre-defined conditions being met - it's all just a case of following the wizard.

Live Content Updates

PADS Scheduler allows for easy content updates on the fly. Using an Outlook like Calendar interface and new functions such as the quick page selector means you can change your presentation fast and efficiently so that the audience is kept upto date.

Unlimited Grouping

Group and segment your viewers with names that are relevant to your business/ organisation. For example you may want to control a group of viewers at your head office and also at your seperate regional offices. You may want to be more specific and schedule to a group of viewers in your reception area or warehouse.

Recurring Schedules

You have a team meeting every Tuesday at 10am...Use Scheduler to set up recurring presentation to run at 9.30am on the morning of the meeting in the sales office. The presentation can also be scheduled as a priority presentation so it is sent to the viewer ahead of any other presentation that may have been playing.

Priority Scheduling

Set up rules and conditions in Scheduler so that certain presentations take priority when being sent to your viewers. Ideal for use in emergency messaging scenarios such as fire safety or informing call centre teams of approaching targets.