Automatic distribution to displays in
pre defined time-frames

The PADS Server software ensures that your scheduled presentations and everything that relates to them end up with the right displays at the right time, regardless of where in the world these displays are.

files are distributed with a minimal network load. You can fully determine yourself when and under what conditions this should occur.

Unlimited connectivity features to external systems

If your presentations contain real-time data then PADS Server can collect this information for you from various data sources and make it available to the connected displays.

For large installations across multiple locations you can use local PADS Servers to further minimize the network load.

  • Automatic distribution of scheduled presentations
  • Targeted distribution of content files
  • Automatic collection and distribution of real-time data
  • Distribution over LAN, WAN, Intranet or Internet
  • Minimum network load
  • Secured communication via data encryption

Microsoft Sync Framework

The internal working of the content synchronization mechanism is based on Microsoft Sync Framework technology. Files changes are detected quickly and files are streamed to get optimal results.There is two way synchonisation between PADS Server, Viewer and Designer

Minimum Network Load

The server software is designed to be as efficient as possible with network traffic. Network bandwidth is used as the schedules are kept up to date and as content is transferred. PADS4 offers a numbers of options to minimise the network load. These include; playing content locally, customising data connection refresh rates & times for content sync.

Targeted Distribution

With PADS4 you can have targeted distribution using replicated servers. This is useful in large scale projects over a number of sites with dozens or hundreds of Viewers. Using replicated servers spreads the workload by managing distribution in smaller groups which can then feedback to the main server.