PADS4 Viewer

Smooth content playback

Real-time display
Experience the smooth, seamless performance of a presentation viewer designed for live and static data. PADS4 viewer gives you the tools to insert content from media files, live data from RSS news, social media, and other linked data sources to generate content that updates in real-time. 

Viewer software for every platform

No matter your setup, PADS4 Viewer software supports it. From System on Chip to Windows and all that’s in between, everything is possible. Stable platforms maximize your possibilities and because of lighter and simpler SoC players you are able to save money along the way. Still not convinced? With a Viewer range including BASIC, XPRESS and XPERT, there is always a solution that meets your technical and budgeting needs.

Playback support for multiple devices

With display viewer solutions for Windows, HTML5  and System on Chip, we support your systems for faster and more efficient integration.

  • Any display, any resolution - PADS4 Viewer support displays of any size resolution. Use a standard display in landscape or portrait mode, an ultra HD display display with a 4K resolution or even a video wall to play your content. Optionally, add interactivity to your presentation to it on touch screen.
  • Nearly endless display possibilities -  With the offering of viewers you have a unique platform-independent player software for a cost effective signage solution. Ideal for Android and browser-based player devices.
  • Optimal performance - PADS4 Viewer has been optomised to minimise traffic and offers a stable and reliable solution with optimal performance. Scheduled presentations, media files and real-time data are locally cached to reduce network and bandwidth usage and to play uninterruptedly in case of network failures or a restart of your player device.

Licensing for every player and content requirement

Choose a PADS4 Viewer license to meet your technical and content needs. Only choose the display viewer you need now and easily upgrade your PADS4 license if needed without re-installation.

PADS4 is available as an on premise or subscription based solution.

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