Seamless Presentation Viewer

Experience the smooth, seamless performance of a presentation viewer designed for live and static data. 

PADS4 viewer gives you the tools to insert content from media files, live data from RSS news, social media, and other linked data sources to generate content that updates in real-time. 

Plus, with integrated context-based rules, our viewer software updates your content based on predefined events to ensure that your ads and content stay relevant. 

PADS4 Viewer offers customized content, predefined layouts, and an easy drag-and-drop interface to make the final step of sharing digital signage content easy.

Viewer software for every platform

From System on a Chip to Windows and everything in between, PADS4 viewer software supports your setup. 

Maximise your possibilities with stable platforms like Microsoft Windows, cut costs with lightweight SoC players, or bring digital signage to computer screens across your organisation with PADS4 Desktop Viewer. And, with licensing including BASIC, XPRESS, and XPERT, you can choose a solution that meets your technical and budgeting needs. 

Licensing for every platform and content requirement

Choose a PADS4 Viewer license to meet your technical and content needs. Growing? Choose the display viewer you need now. Your PADS4 license is easy to upgrade and doesn’t require a reinstallation. What’s available? Click to compare our PADS4 license options.

PADS4 Viewer types

The PADS4 Viewer application is available for multiple platforms and in different variants. This allows you to choose the most suitable Viewer type in terms of functionality and pricing for your digital signage network. Maximize your possibilities with the regular Microsoft Windows based PADS4 Viewer, choose the PADS4 HTML5 Viewer for a cost-effective solution that runs on multiple platforms or bring digital signage to the PCs of your staff with the PADS4 Desktop Viewer. Depending on the type of content you want to play, choose between a BASIC, XPRESS or XPERT Viewer.

Any Size, Any Resolution

In PADS4 the number of predefined resolutions you can choose from for your presentation has been extended with various 16:9 and portrait formats. You can also create your own custom resolution to use and send through to the viewer application.

PADS Desktop Viewer

Extend your digital signage solution to the desktop PCs within your organization. The Desktop Viewer gives you an ideal solution to streamline the entire internal communication within your organization. With PADS Desktop Viewer you can simply inform your employees group wise or individually.


PADS Viewer can collect proof-of-play information about your presentations or individual page elements. With this you can confirm to your advertisers that their content has played. This can also been tracked on user interaction with the presentation to display certain pages.

Touch Screen Suitability

The PADS4 Viewer software is compatible to run on touch screen interfaces at point of signage. Ideal in wayfinding scenarios where you may have an Interactive Signage Tower or Kiosk for users to engage with.

Local Caching

The PADS4 Viewer application will locally cache presentations that you send to them. This ensures you presentation will continue to play uninterrupted if you have an unexpected network failure. The caching of presentations also reduces the load PADS4 puts on your network and bandwidth usage.

Display Live Content Updated

You can effortlessly integrate real-time data of external data sources like MS Exchange, MS Dynamics, SAP, CMS systems, room reservation systems, queue management, social media, etc.