PADS4 Digital Signage

A powerful digital signage platform

Software can be purchased as either an on premise or subscription based solution.

 PADS4 Subscription:

Helpdesk, Telephone and remote support is covered within the charge of the subscription.

Support and Maintenance

Updates and upgrades are included within the charge for the subscription which includes remote assistance. Proving that your customer has approved emails from A+K they will receive notification on when a new update / version has been released.

Should your customer wish to carry on using the software after the contract period, the software will need to be renewed. Failure to do this will result in the software not working.
Initial Overlay:
Lower initial outlay of subscription module ongoing costs therefore for each additional year of renewal.

 PADS4 On Premise:
PADS licence is owned outright and owned by the customer.
Support and Maintenance:

Support is paid annually and is a separate cost to the licence.
Updates and upgrades are included within the support charge which includes remote assistance. Proving that your customer has approved emails from A+K they will receive notification on when a new update / version has been released.
Annual charges only apply for support and maintenance.
Initial Overlay:

Higher initial outlay of subscription but no mandatory ongoing costs only for support and maintenance.


Can I purchase directly from A+K?
We only sell through our reseller network,  if your company is looking for a digital signage solution for themselves and you don't currently have a reseller to contact, we can point you in the direction of one of ours. We will work with you and your reseller to find the best solution for you as simply as possible.
Is there a trial of the software available prior to purchase?
Yes. A 14 day trial is available. This can be requested through a link on the website or you can email to request this.
Is Hardware required?
We have preferred hardware which we recommend, however if your customer is looking to purchase their own hardware we can advise on the specification that will be required. Where there is a will there is a way!
How is support handled?
We have a dedicated Helpdesk portal which can be accessed at the customer will be asked to register
What if I no longer require use of the PADS Software?
If you are on a subscription model, at the end of your order term simply do not renew and access to the software will cease.
If you are on an On Premise model then you will always have access to the licenses which you can cease use of any time. If you have a support contract this will run till the expiry date.
What happens if I allow my Support Contract to expire?
Access to the benefits included in the Support contract are based on continuous cover. Once the support contract expires with On Premise model you will no longer have access to Software Upgrades and updates. If you need these at a later date the support charges will need to be backdated to the date it expired.
Is Installation, training and design sevices available for this software?
Yes. Installation, Training and design services are available as an additional service. Please enquire for options.
Does the software support cover the hardware too?
If you have purchased hardware this is not covered under the software contract. Hardware can be purchased with additional warranty options but hardware standard warranty is on a return to base basis. We can offer advice on Hardware issues under the support contract and handle any warranty repairs with the manufacturer on your behalf as part of your support contract but out of warranty repairs are not covered.
What happens if I need a site visit?
Site visits are not included in the Support Contract. This is because we anticipate that most issues can be dealt with remotely to help keep Contract costs down. If remote access is not possible under your company policies please enquire with us and we can look into a bespoke contract option to include site visits. Otherwise if a site visit is required this can be quoted as and when required.
Please contact our Sales or Operations Team' for more information.

Still have questions? We're happy to help, please contact our Sales or Operations Team' on either 01638 510900 or email |