Anders+Kern Launches Custom-Made Display Towers

Posted 08/10/2013

The custom-made display towers are a comprehensive solution for public information and digital signage applications.

The A+K Display Towers come complete with a choice of 42”, 46”, 55” or 60” full-HD resolution LCD panel. Selected for their high brightness and image quality, these 1920x1080 resolution screens are ideal for settings with high levels of ambient light, including public spaces, commercial premises and retail applications.

For added interactivity, users have the option of an LCD touch screen interface. A+K PADS Digital Signage can be used to make elements of the presentation interactive.

Robust casing

Displays are housed behind robust steel casing, which offers protection from scratches and other external damage. The lockable back panel provides secure storage for digital signage hardware. Rounded corners complete the housing to provide a soft finish.

Each tower is available in a variety of colour options to complement the décor of any space. The tower is available in white as standard. Users can customise their tower further by adding their corporate logo to create impactful branding.

Derek Kuziw, Managing Director of Anders+Kern, says: “The range of A+K Display Towers articulate a growing demand by our clients for bespoke solutions. Off-the-shelf solutions can sometimes limit the scope of a project. Our capacity to custom manufacture towers from our facility in the UK, allows us to produce products tailored to most specifications.”

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by Anders + Kern