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Major Updates to A+K PADS4 Digital Signage

PADS4 Release 3 includes PADS4 Desktop Viewer, an enhanced Rich Text element, and the Integration of Intel AIM.

by Anders + Kern , 11/10/2013

Anders+Kern Launches Custom-Made Display Towers

The freestanding display towers are a comprehensive solution for public information and digital signage applications.

by Anders + Kern , 08/10/2013

Digital Signage Best Practices

Navigate your way through these obstacles to ensure that your digital signage offering avoids the pitfalls that can occur.

by Anders + Kern , 30/09/2013

A+K Airgoo featured in A1 Retail magazine

Anders+Kern’s wireless digital signage MicroPlayer, A+K Airgoo, included in A1 Retail.

by Anders + Kern , 19/08/2013

Creating Engaging Digital Signage Content

Our top tips for creating engaging digital signage content.

by Anders + Kern , 12/08/2013

A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Signage

What is digital signage and why does it make good business sense to use it?

by Anders + Kern , 16/07/2013

Small-scale digital signage applications

As we move further into the 21st century, the need for digital signage systems to transfer and communicate information is key.

by Anders + Kern , 06/02/2013