Signage for the 21st century school

Posted 26/03/2013

The adoption of digital signage in schools is increasingly becoming widespread; A+K PADS4 provides learning providers with a centralised system to transfer and communicate.

As we move further into the digital age, we are constantly presented with ideas of what the world will look like in the future. A popular notion is ‘The School of the Future’. Despite the UK government shelving its Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme, the education sector is undergoing a process of future-proofing; as part of this, learning providers are investing more and more in digital technologies. In particular, schools, college and universities are increasingly harnessing digital signage. These systems are sustainable and provide an effective and easy solution to disseminate information to staff, students and visitors.

Delivering value to learning environments

A+K PADS4 is a powerful digital signage system that provides cost-efficient and eye-catching solutions for 21 st century teaching environments. What is more, PADS4 can be scaled to suit any learning environment; from large city academies to rural primary schools, the system is guided by the specific application. Depending on the available budget or environment, users can start with a single display that can be added to.

The popularity of PADS4 also owes to its ease of use. The WYSIWYG design tool makes it easy even for a design novice to create targeted messages. Through a familiar PowerPoint-like interface, users can compose presentations with a wide range of possible content elements, including scrolling text, video and live news feeds.

Database connectivity

A key selling point for PADS is the built-in database connectivity; this feature allows users to link real-time data from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Exchange, an in-house CMS, or virtually any other database to the presentation. This is ideal for schools, colleges and universities, where the signage would need to be updated regularly. For example, in the event of an emergency, the signage can display fire evacuation instructions to ensure safety.

PADS4 can also be easily integrated with your Room Booking System to facilitate the sharing of lesson information. Book a room from any networked computer and this will update the digital signage with real-time information, including room changes and building closures. Additionally use the Scheduler tool to prioritise certain presentations, such as the lunch menu, at strategic locations throughout the site. The scheduling system further enables users to define dates, times and destinations for messages to appear.

Surprisingly a system as sophisticated as PADS4 is timely to roll-out and the software can be downloaded the same day. Those interested in purchasing PADS4 can also make use of the free 30 day trial, which allows you to see what the system can achieve. Moreover, the system is easy to support. To ensure the maintenance of your signage, A+K has a number of training packages and service level agreements available. Phone and remote support is also available from our in-house technical team who can diagnose and solve problems that you may have with your signage.

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by Anders + Kern