Small-scale digital signage applications

Posted 06/02/2013

As we move further into the 21st century and the flow of information increases, the need for digital signage systems to transfer and communicate information is becoming paramount.

In recent years, the digital signage concept has seen a growing adoption in smaller scale applications, such as boardrooms, bars and cafes. These companies are increasingly focusing on scalable signage systems that can be added to quickly and with ease. A+K PADS (Public Area Display System) meets the growing requirements of small-scale signage users."A key feature of PADS is its scalability,” notes Derek Kuziw, Managing Director of Anders+Kern. “Users can start with a single display that can be added to as companies grow and mature.”

The popularity of PADS4 also owes to its ease of use. The WYSIWYG design tool makes it easy even for a design novice to create targeted messages. Through a familiar PowerPoint-like interface, users can compose presentations with a wide range of possible content elements, including scrolling text, video and live news feeds, as well as dynamic tables, chart and graphs. 

Integrate with your existing workflow

A key selling point for PADS is the built-in database connectivity; this feature allows users to link real-time data from Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Exchange, an in-house content management system, or virtually any other database, to the presentation. This is ideal for smaller environments where limited resource would make it difficult to regularly update the signage system. For example, a display in a café can be linked to a stock inventory to regularly update the list of purchasable items.

PADS4 can also be easily integrated with your Room Booking System to facilitate the sharing of meeting information. Book a meeting room from any networked computer and this will update the digital signage with real-time meeting information. Additionally use the Scheduler tool to prioritise certain presentations. The scheduling system further enables users to define dates, times and destinations for messages to appear.

Recently, A+K has noticed an upward trend in the harnessing of digital signage for internal communication. Interestingly, digital signage has been used to bridge the gap between desk and non-desk based staff. In these installations, the signage has been used, amongst others, to promote corporate values. Moreover, in-house, we use PADS to update our internal sales team with the latest product updates.

Utilising your signage

Surprisingly a system as sophisticated as PADS4 is timely to roll-out, for instance, the software can be downloaded the same day. Those interested in purchasing PADS4 can also make use of the free 30 day trial, which allows you to see what the system can achieve.

To ensure the maintenance of your signage system, A+K has a number of training packages and service level agreements available. These packages include, amongst others (3-day and next day on-site assistance, depending on the level of service contract), product enhancement updates and refresher training (covered in the third-level service contract (DS3)). Phone and remote support is also available from our in-house technical team who can diagnose and solve problems that you may have with your signage.

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