What's New In PADS4 Release 5

Posted 11/11/2014

PADS4 Release 5 brings along a host of interesting new features to PADS4 Digital Signage Software.

First of all, we have totally revised everything in PADS4 that has to do with live TV. This has resulted into a brand new TV element, which is not only extremely powerful but also simplifies the way of working for including live TV in your presentations.

Another new page element is an often requested PowerPoint element. Including PowerPoint slides in your PADS presentation has now become a piece of cake. And more important, you have full control about the playback of your PowerPoint presentations.

In PADS Designer you can now choose to design your presentation for a specific Viewer type like XPRESS or BASIC. Page elements that will not be supported are automatically disabled, helping you to design the right content. The PADS HTML5 Viewer has been upgraded and is now also available as XPRESS edition. This makes the HTML5 Viewer a really interesting playback solution for non-Windows player devices.

Our PADS Desktop Viewer has been enhanced to offer an even more powerful solution for desktop communication. Organizations can now send messages to users within their organization instead of computers.

Of course we again extended our collection of data providers. Quividi, Bluefox and WSDL are just some of the new data providers. Our Facebook data provider is one of the data providers that has been further improved. Maybe the least visible but very important new feature is our 64-bit support. This means that you have more possibilities for playback of large content, like Full HD videos.

Finally, you will find many small new features in this release, which are described in this document. This includes all new features and bug fixes that have already become available in the recent past via new build versions of PADS4 release 4.

See PADS4 Release Notes section for for details.

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by Anders + Kern