PLAYipp Cloud Based Digital Signage

Digital signage is communication through digital information screens. With digital signage you’ll get high visibility and raise engagement at the same time as your communication becomes more effective.

Reach your recipients where they are naturally passing by placing digital screens in for example the lunchroom, the reception or the display window.

Briefly about PLAYippDigital signage: Surfaces

A cloud-based publishing platform

Template based tool for quick publishing

Schedule everything you published

Doesn’t demand any installation or server

How it works

1. The screen is divided into different surfaces.

2. Every surface gets its own, easily managed playlist.

3. Templates make the publishing faster and easier.

4. Publish to one single screen and/or to a group of screens.

5. Everything that is published can be scheduled.

6. Use whatever format you prefer – text, images, video, PDF, PPT, etc.

With PLAYipp everybody can publish to digital screens in only a minute!

There is a screen option for any need or any environment

Skärmar för digital signage

We help you to find the perfect screen type for your operation.

PLAYipp can be used on most screen types, but for the best result you are recommended to use screens that are optimised for digital signage.

PLAYipp can offer screens from most of the leading suppliers. For example we can offer you:

Storefront screens with extra brightness

Touch screens from small tablets to large, floor standing screens

Encapsulated screens that resist dirt and heavy usage

Outdoor screens that resist both snow and summer heat

PLAYipp Platform is the both flexible and user-friendly publishing platform.
Take advantage of smart features and QUICKnote for faster publishing.

PLAYipp Platform for digital signage

With PLAYipp you can for example publish:

Images, text & video

Files (PowerPoint, PDF, Word etc.)

Web pages & other web objects

Feeds (Facebook, news, business data etc.)

Also in PLAYipp Platform:
Special features for among others bookings of locals and meetings, work schedules and project flows.

QUICKnote – for faster publishing
With the template based tool QUICKnote all publishing becomes faster and easier.

Templates are created by adding fields for images, text, headers etc. through drag and drop.

As a user you choose a template, click on editable fields and insert a new header, an image etc.