PLAYin Philips

Internal media players for digital signage

Philips - intern mediaspelare för digital signage

PLAYin Philips is installed directly on Philips new line of screens with internal media players. The result is a powerful digital signage screen that does not need any external media player.

The information is published through the user-friendly, cloud based service PLAYipp Manager.

PLAYin Philips is a flexible and smooth solution that gives access to all of PLAYipp’s great functionality to spread information.

The start-up process is really fast and PLAYin Philips has no start-up costs - the only cost that occurs is a license fee for PLAYipp. 

PLAYin is PLAYipp’s line of built-in internal media players. The internet connection is established through Wi-Fi or Ethernet. For some models it is also possible to connect through the screen’s integrated 4G modem.

Specification for PLAYin Philips

  • Screen areas Up to 12
  • Updates Every 60 s
  • Wi-Fi YES
  • Ethernet YES
  • Images YES
  • QUICKnotes YES
  • Web/HTML YES
  • Office documents YES
  • Sound YES
  • Video YES
  • HD video YES*
  • Views YES
  • Touch YES*
  • Videostream: UDP NO

*) May vary between different screen models.

How it works

The screen can either be delivered with the software pre-installed or with the software on an external USB-stick.
When a new software update is available, it is automatically installed on the screen. It is as simple as it gets.