How Mobile View works

Mobile Vew

Through Mobile View employees have immediate access to urgent messages, news, discussions, discussions, KPI’s, and all other important company information – no matter where they are.

With Mobile View as a vital part of your internal information flow, important updates will reach out to everyone quickly and employees have constant access to policies, routine protocols, and shortcuts to important tools such as intranets, reporting systems, etc.

The design of Mobile View is adjustable, so you can easily brand the app based on your company’s graphical profile.



Front is the start page of Mobile View. The content in Front is highly flexible – what the individual user sees in Front is based on user-rights and the Mobile View groups that the user has been added to.

By adjusting what information various offices, departments and project groups have access to through Front, the content becomes highly relevant for all users – regardless of what position or task they have.

Front is based on a customizable grid. Add or remove fields based on how many items you want to display. Each field in the grid can either contain information, links within Mobile View or shortcuts to external material.

By mixing news with links to for example KPI’s and policies, and shortcuts to the intranet, timecards and other apps Front becomes the company’s mobile portal, where all crucial information is quickly reachable.

Mobile View - Front
Mobile View


Send messages to groups or individuals. Add a push notification and demand read receipt when extra important messages are sent. You can also enable reminders that are automatically sent to recipients who still have not read your message.

The message is created by either using predefined templates (based on the company’s graphic profile) or by uploading a file (image, video, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.). All the messages are collected in a feed and in order to get feedback and stimulate dialogue you can enable likes and comments to all messages.

Analytics: View statistics regarding how many people have read the message and who has yet to send a read receipt.


Actions is a powerful function for quickly collecting opinions and feedback. Create forms with either multiple choices questions, scales or free text boxes and send them to the employees.

The result can be followed in real-time through charts and diagrams, that can easily be exported or copied to reports, memos, etc.

Actions is the perfect tool for:

  • Employee surveys
  • Getting quick feedback
  • Test & evaluation

Mobile View - Actions


Your unique design

  • Upload your logo type
  • Set profile colour + accent colour
  • Use your own font
  • Adjust Front based on your needs

Smart structure

  • Create groups & subgroups
  • Add coworkers to the groups
  • Publish to groups or individuals
  • Create temporary groups for projects

Analytics & Statistics

  • Who has read?
  • How many have read?
  • When was it read?
  • How fast did the message reach out?
Smart Structure In Mobile View Smart Structure In Mobile View
Statistic And Analytics In Mobile View Send Reminders With Mobile View
Download Mobile View

Mobile View is available for free download to iPhone and Android through App Store and Google Play.

An activation code is needed in order to activate an account and take part of the organization’s news through Mobile View. The code is sent by e-mail or text message to the recipient upon being added to your account.