PLAYport HD - digital signage mediaspelare
PLAYport HD - digital signage mediaspelare

Full HD video, complex screen solutions and high performance – PLAYport HD is a media player that exceeds all expectations.

PLAYport HD is a really powerful media player. Even though it is small and flexible it manages video in full HD without any problem. It can also handle designs with up to 12 different screen areas, which enables advanced solutions topped with profiling graphical elements.

PLAYport HD also supports images, web objects, PDF files, Office documents and QUICKnotes for fast publishing.

With PLAYport HD you will get full flexibility to publish just the way you want.

Specification for PLAYport HD

  • Dimensions 46x21x109 mm
  • Weight 57 g
  • Storage 8 GB
  • Screen areas Up to 12
  • Updates Every 60 s
  • Wi-Fi YES
  • Ethernet YES
  • Images YES
  • QUICKnotes YES
  • Web/HTML YES
  • Office documents YES
  • Sound YES
  • Video YES
  • HD video YES
  • Views YES
  • Touch NO
  • Videostream (UDP) NO

Easy to get started with PLAYipp digital signage

PLAYipp plug & play
To facilitate the start-up-process all PLAYipp media players come pre-installed and 100% ready for usage. This is plug & play for real.

When a software update is available, it will automatically be installed on the media player. It’s as simple as it gets.

PLAYipp can be used on any type of screen with HDMI ports. The screen can be of any size and mounted in either portrait or landscape view.

Get started in only 5 minutes:
1. Plug the media player into the screen’s HDMI-port.
2. Connect it to a network through Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
3. Log in through
5. Publish your message.
6. The screen is updated with your new message.


Technical details

The syncing process

A media player should never accept any form of data. No exceptions!

Network security is often essential in our users activities. They must be able to trust that PLAYipp is a system with high security.

A media player retrieves the data required, instead of getting data sent to it. This enables us to deliver a 100% secure service without compromising on functionality.

All media players connect to a PLAYipp server, where it receives all the information it needs – what to play, when to play it, and so on.

Cloud service - Server

As standard PLAYipp is delivered as a hosted cloud service.

Hosted cloud service means that you yourselves do not have to deal with any infrastructure and each user logs in to a web interface, which is accessed via any internet-connected computer anywhere.

PLAYipp can also be run with its own internal server – that is, the cloud moves in with you. Then you will have total control, but PLAYipp’s support team is still on hand if you have any queries.

Connection to Active Directory is also possible in order to structure the management of your users.


A media player uses a network connection to download new content.

Without connection the media player continues to play any downloaded materials that are scheduled. Should the media player drop the connection, the screens will not go black.

All media players use the following outbound TCP ports to connect to the server:

80 – HTTP: To view the websites as media objects.

443 – HTTPS: To contact the server when retrieving data.

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