Extend your A+K Digital Signage with Guide3D Wayfinding & Information System

Guide3D is the first platform-independent 3D indoor information and guidance system for buildings supporting multiple output devices. Whether in shopping centres, conference buildings, airports or universities, Guide3D offers an efficient solution for indoor navigation.

Route calculation

The Guide3D information system illustrates you the way to your destination in a few seconds only. All you need to do is choose your destination on the touchscreen and select the view: first-person or bird‘s-eye. Experience the route, like you would in real life.

Guide3D uses a 3D path network, pre-defined starting and ending points to compute the best possible route to lead you to your desired destination point. Using this information, the system automatically generates a 3D animation which can be accessed over the internet.

The route calculation algorithm is extremely flexible, which means that the most useful and easy to remember route is displayed. Alternative routes such as barrier-free routes, using elevators instead of stairs, can be generated by the system on request.

Works with multiple devices

The 3D sequence is compatible with any device or browser. Due to its universal playback format, Guide3D can be displayed on multiple devices such as public kiosk systems (also known as touch screen terminals), and all smartphones.