Guide3D Mobil

Mobile navigation on your smartphone

Guide3D Mobil is a portal that offers all the features of Guide3D on your mobile browser. Simply select your location, departure and destination, or scan the QR-code - if provided. Since Guide3D Mobil is a web application, no additional app needs to be installed. All smartphones with internet access are supported.

The service is free of charge and does not require a registration.

3D-animation on your smartphone

You can transfer the 3D-animation to your smartphone via a tiny-URL for the mobile browser or by scanning a QR-code. These are displayed on the kiosk terminal after each animation.

The QR-codes can be placed at entrances or other highly frequented locations in the building. By scanning the QR-code the user is taken to the mobile-portal. The user chooses their chosen destination from the menu to display the 3D animation to the target.